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Affiliate marketing allows marketers to earn commissions by promoting another brand’s product(s). 

Commissions are paid out per sale, and can by either flat rate or percentage based. 

Top affiliate niches can easily generate 6-figures annually.

Affiliate Marketing
affiliate seo

Affiliate SEO

Affiliate marketing SEO is the art of choosing products based on the potential search traffic available when analyzing niche specific keywords.

Affiliate SEO focuses on ranking a website for specific buyer intent keywords. This can be very lucrative, as you do not need to pay for ads.

Building A Website From Scratch

Building a website is an amazing experience. 

Identifying your marketing, designing a brand you love and experiencing the excitement of launching your new site are all exciting.

It’s something we love, and we like to think we do it well. 

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and investment to get going.

Buying An Aged Domain & Website

Buying an aged domain, and an existing website with content can save you months of time. 

The main advantage is that aged websites will react faster in the SERPS. They aren’t in the Google Sandbox.

Whether you would like to buy an established brand, or just a barebones website with content, this can be an excellent option.

Why An Agency Decided To Buy

Building a website is something we love, so why did we decide to buy?

  1. To experience what every other buyer experiences. 
  2. To save the time and investment required to build from scratch.
  3. To test our skills within a niche totally unknown to the team.
Buying A Website

What We Were Looking For

When looking for a possible website to buy, we followed our internal checklist to ensure we picked a site we believed we could improve.

The complete list is too long for this post. The primary four were:

  1. Minimum 6 months age & receiving traffic.
  2. Niche with potential for growth & scale.
  3. Already earning affiliate commissions.
  4. No active manual penalties in Google Search Console.

Buying An Established Website

The perfect starter site.

Survival Front met the criteria, perfectly. We checked off over 90% of our website buying checklist.

The website had a brand that was higher quality than you see on many affiliate sites. This will save us time, as we do not believe in non-branded money sites. had over 430 pages indexed, and it was getting traffic in Google.

It was even making a little money. 


Looking For Easy Wins

Survival Front’s organic traffic had been crashing for nearly 8 months.

Analysis indicated the site had grown rapidly since launching the end of 2019, and then appeared to be hit with a Google penalty in May of 2020.

Easy Wins: 

  • Establish Brand Authority
  • Easy On-page SEO Tweaks
  • CTR Optimization
  • Duplicate Content
  • Structural Changes (User Focused)
  • Interlinking Opportunities
  • Highly Toxic Backlinks (Manageable Amount)

Monthly Updates

BOx Digital will document our experience growing from day one.

Our next update will cover initial analysis of the website, and also what we are going to do to recover the site’s traffic. 

We will continue to document our progress, and share our wins and losses with you.

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Follow us to get all the latest updates as they are released, and to receive insider only content. 

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